Land Tenure Management


As veterans in mineral exploration and mineral/mining lands management, we have experience in many of the mining jurisdictions around the world including:  Canada, USA, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Chile, and parts of Africa.

We can help you acquire and manage your mineral/mining lands:

  • Plan and implement online “map staking” and physical staking programs
  • Record and transfer claims
  • Complete assessment work reporting and filing
  • Timely land tenure monitoring and alerts (due dates, royalty/option payments, tax payments)
  • Assessment work credit distribution
  • Title searches on mineral and freehold (patented) lands and mining leases
  • Independent land tenure review and audits

Caracle Creek can assist your team with making the process easy in the application for new tenements,  prospecting permits, and mineral exploration permits. We offer lands monitoring services and alerts to keep you informed of any activities that are happening around your current tenements, due dates (claims and assessment work), royalty and option payments, and taxes.

We can also monitor claims or areas of interest should you have a specific target in mind.

Caracle Creek has developed its own in-house web-based land tenure monitoring platform and data management system, designed to make accessing claims information and data across Canada and internationally, a simplified and interactive task.

Our lands management professionals make use of our proprietary MyMAPS interactive mapping system to compile any tenure attributes and monitor your claims.
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