The Caracle Creek Team

Recognizing that the execution of highly scientific work requires insightful and skilled individuals, Caracle Creek employs professional geoscientists and engineers to execute our mineral exploration programs.

At Caracle Creek we believe that diversity and depth ensure client success. Members of our professional team can work in many global languages including English, French, Spanish, German, Finnish, Russian, Mandarin, and Hungarian. Caracle Creek holds a Certificate of Authority to practice geosciences in Ontario and British Columbia and is qualified to work in all other Canadian provinces and territories.

Meet the Team …


  • Management:
    • Scott Jobin-Bevans (PhD, PMP, P.Geo.) – Principal Geoscientist (President & CEO, Director)
    • Wanita Campbell – Corporate Controller, Director (Logistics Coordinator)
  • Geology and Mineral Resources:
    • Project Geologists:
      • Trevor Boyd (PhD, P.Geo.) – Senior Project Geologist
      • Andrew Graba (B.Sc., G.I.T.) – Project Geologist
      • Luc Harnois (PhD, P.Geo.) – Senior Project Geologist
      • Justin Jonsson (B.Sc.) – Geologist
      • Rory Krocker (B.Sc.) – Senior Project Geologist/Logistics Specialist
      • Monica McCullough (H.B.A., B.Ed., M.Sc.) – Geologist
      • Gary McLearn (B.Sc., P.Geo.) – Senior Project Geologist
      • John Siriunas (M.A.Sc., P.Eng.) – Senior Project Geologist
    • Resource Estimation and Geo-modelling:
      • Jason Baker (P.Eng.) – Mineral Resource Geologist/Engineer
      • Rory Krocker (B.Sc.) – Senior Project Geologist
    • Specialists:
      • Ken Collerson (PhD, P.Geo.) – Special Projects/Senior Geoscientist
      • Stephen Wetherup (HB.Sc., P.Geo.): Structural Specialist/Senior Geologist
  • Geophysics:
    • Steve Balch (P.Geo.) – Principal Geophysical Consultant (Airborne Specialist)
    • Wei Qian (PhD, P.Geo.) – Senior Geophysicist (EarthProbe)
    • Robert Gordon (MBA, FGC, P.Eng.) – Geophysical Advisor (Director)
  • Environmental Monitoring:


  • Management/Senior Geologists and Mineral Resources:
    • John Hancox (PhD, Pri.Sci.Nat) – Managing Director CCIC Coal/Coal Specialist
    • Desmond Subramani (HB.Sc., Pri.Sci.Nat) – Mineral Resource Geologist
    • Eva Schneiderhan (PhD, Pri.Sci.Nat) – Coal Resource Geologist
    • Trevor Richardson (Pri.Sci.Nat) – Director (CCIC SA)/Senior Geologist

In addition to our team of professionals, Caracle Creek has created strategic alliances and collaboration agreements with a number of consulting companies from around the world in order to expand its breadth of services to the industry:

Please contact Scott Jobin-Bevans should you have any questions or require further information.