3D Modelling & Targeting

Our approach of continually innovating ideas and information to advance mineral exploration is based on the concept ALL DATA IN ONE PLACE.

Caracle Creek strongly believes that having all of the project data in one place will increase your chances of discovery and improve project efficiency. An early investment in data centralization vastly improves the exploration process and allows for building upon previous information and success in addition to developing new exploration targets.

  • Fact: Discoveries are difficult to make and are getting harder and more expensive.
  • Fact: Cost of collecting geoscientific data is perhaps the most expensive aspect of mineral exploration.
  • Fact: Ability to make a discovery or increase our collective knowledge on a project means we need to ensure that all the data that has been collected and that ALL of this data be available for interrogation and interpretation by all stakeholders in the discovery process.
The 3D GIS Exploration Approach

Caracle Creek can compile and organize your data into a single repository for ALL the spatial information related to your project. The use of 3D GIS exploration provides a means to utilize all available parameters to derive 3D integrated targets. This is a means to vector and target at depth and translates to efficient, cost effective and most importantly thorough exploration practices related to any exploration program.

In addition this approach can couple geology and mineral deposit models with the use of geophysical techniques for sampling and understanding the physical characteristics of the rocks and how they relate to the geology and lithologies of any given area before the application of subsurface imaging.

By doing so, best practises for the use and understanding of geophysical techniques are employed to understand the relationship of the images of the subsurface to the exploration problem.

For more information on 3D Exploration have a look at our Projects and GeoResources sections.