Mine Development Services

Growing to meet our client’s needs, we are happy to add to our repertoire of services the addition of specialized mining services for to meet your exploration goals.

These services allow our exploration clients to progress their projects to the next phase of operations. In addition Caracle Creek has the skills to partner effectively with larger mining engineering and environmental consultants, and to help coordinate mining services on behalf of our clients.

Caracle Creek’s suite of mine development and mining services includes:

Pit Optimization: An open pit optimization is the first step in determining mining reserves from geological resources. Caracle has expert users in Whittle, Gemcom and Surpac that can provide the optimal open pit scenario for any project.

Preliminary Economic Assessment (PEA): Our in house professionals can provide a full Preliminary Economic Assessment for your project based on open pit optimization and analyzing sensitivities such as mining costs, mining recoveries, milling costs, milling recoveries, commodity pricing etc. Through these processes Caracle can also provide NI 43-101 mining reserves from geological resources as well as mining schedules and NPV cash flows.

Short and Long Term Mine Planning: Mine planning is one of the more critical aspects when preparing to enter the operational phase of a project. Caracle can provide life of mine/long term planning to new projects as well as short term planning to existing projects already in operation. Our engineering professionals have extensive experience in open pit operations and can determine the most cost effective solution to planning your project. Caracle Creek can also provide annual, quarterly and monthly scheduling based on the long and short term mine plan.

Grade Control: A major factor in minimizing the difference between planned production and actual production is establishing proper grade control. The approach Caracle professionals take is through an onsite review of processes such as, sampling methods, stockpiling and blending, ore type differentiation and mining selectivity. Caracle can also provide a reconciliation analysis where our professionals will analyze results from resource models based on exploration drilling and compare them to actual data collected from blast holes and plant feed records and make recommendations for improvement where applicable.

Onsite Process Review: Caracle professionals can provide onsite reviews of processes such as, fleet optimization, mine planning, mine scheduling, grade control, blasting methods, etc up to an entire review of a project and make recommendations where improvements can be made to maximize efficiency and minimize costs.