Safety and Standards

Safeguarding the Health and Safety of its workers and local populations, Caracle Creek applies relevant national and international regulations and standards to project site operations.
Health and Safety

Caracle Creek recognizes that most Health and Safety incidents result from the failure to recognize a potentially dangerous situation and to take the necessary preventative measures. In order to be proactive in its Health and Safety efforts, Caracle Creek utilizes the PDAC’s e3 Plus Health and Safety Toolkit and other information from the association.

Health and Safety in Exploration Toolkit (EHS)


By providing education, training, equipment and supplies to personnel to minimize risk, Caracle Creek commits to ensuring that our employees have the knowledge required to identify potential hazards through:

  • Development of a site-specific Health and Safety Plan (HSPs) for each project that integrates job safety task analysis with risk assessment to identify appropriate risk mitigation strategies.
  • Communication of project risks to staff and subcontractors through regular toolbox meetings during fieldwork.
  • Provision of OHS training including first aid, WHIMIS, and ATV/alternate vehicle handling to staff.
  • Maintenance of a Health and Safety Guide that defines employee rights and responsibilities, risk management strategies for common job components, incident reporting protocols, and minimum training requirements.

Caracle Creek’s OHS policy and procedures comply with relevant Canadian regulations and standards and are adapted to comply with OHS regulations in other national jurisdictions.