“Wits 2.0” and Palaeoplacer Gold Deposits

No matter how you choose to spell it, paleoplacer or palaeoplacer, or if you choose to hyphenate (paleo-placer), it is clear that over the past 7 months the exploration work and results reported by Novo Resources Corp. from their work in the Pilbara, Western Australia, have caught the eye and imagination of the industry and turned the attention of investors and geologists to Palaeoplacer Gold Deposits.

Caracle Creek has extensive experience in the understanding, modelling and targeting of palaeoplacer gold deposits having worked on gold deposits in the Witwatersrand of South Africa and on exploration projects targeting these deposit types in Canada. Although early days in the Pilbara of Western Australia, we believe that Caracle Creek’s strong knowledge base would be an asset to any company exploring for these deposit types.

Here is the latest news from the Pilbara Goldfields of Western Australia, opinions on the “Wits 2.0 Area Play”, companies exploring for palaeoplacer gold deposits, and scientific papers on the subject:


Small Caps: Pilbara’s gold rush: a complete guide to the main players.
Straight Talk On Mining (Dr. Keith Barron): Is Novo’s Pilbara Discovery a Paradigm Shift in Economic Geology?
Mining Journal: Consultant urges conglomerate caution.
Stockhead: It’s heart-in-mouth time for Pilbara gold explorers as Novo plunges.
Perth Sunday Times: Pilbara Gold Rush: Mining Company Novo Blasts Junior Gold Companies.
The Gold Report (Bob Moriarty): TriStar Gold, another Wits-lookalike in Brazil (Sept. 2016).

AUSTRALIA (The Companies):

Novo Resources Corp. (TSX-V:NVO): The Pilbara Paleoplacer Gold Projects, Western Australia.
Artemis Resources Ltd. (ASX:ARV): … ‘watermelon seed’ gold nuggets – indicative of Witwatersrand-style conglomerate gold.
De Grey Mining Ltd. (ASX:DGE): Discovery of thick conglomerates and gold nuggets confirms potential of 12 km target.
Calidus Resources Ltd. (ASX:CAI): Warrawoona Gold Project in the emerging Pilbara Goldfield of Western Australia.
International Prospect Ventures (TSX-V:IZZ): “The Wits End Project” – 8 properties covering an area of approximately 927 sq-km.
Impact Minerals Ltd. (ASX:IPT): Gold-bearing conglomerates identified by previous explorers.
Tando Resources Ltd. (ASX:TNO): New Tenement Acquisition Strengthens Conglomerate Gold Portfolio.
MinRex Resources (ASX:MRR): ASX Junior Joins Pilbara Gold Rush.

SOUTH AFRICA (Witwatersrand Basin):

Robb and Meyer (1995): The Witwatersrand Basin, South Africa: Geological framework …
Information Circular No. 375 (2003): The debate on the origin of the Witwatersrand Gold (1896-1903).
Phillips (1987): Anomalous Gold in Witwatersrand Shales.
Piercey (2013): Sedimentary origin of gold and uranium in the Archean Witwatersrand Supergroup, South Africa.

CANADA (The Huronian):

Inventus Mining Corp.: The Pardo Paleoplacer Gold Project, Ontario.
Inventus Mining Presentation (2017): Paleoplacer Gold in Ontario.
Regional gold-enrichment of conglomerates in Paleoproterozoic supergroups formed … (Whymark and Frimmel, 2017).
Ginguro Exploration Inc. (2010): Major Unconformity Identified at Base of Pardo Gold-bearing Paleoplacer.
Mossman and Harron (1984): Witwatersrand-Type Paleoplacer Gold in the Huronian Supergroup of Ontario, Canada.


Northern Miner (Nov. 26, 2017): Novo shares drop on sampling woes, revised geological model.
Roland Gotthard (LinkedIn Post – Oct. 22, 2017): The Nugget Effect: Artisanal Exploration.
Desmond Subramani (2014): Getting a Handle on Complex Geology, South Deep Mine, South Africa.
The in-vitro “growth” of gold grains. (Shuster and Southam, 2015)